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Product Review – Prathermade

We recently had the opportunity to review a couple of vinyl products from Prathermade. Our expectations were very high on this product and they delivered. There’s just something about a bearded man and his wife hand making products.

So never heard of the Prathermade team? Here is a little about them. For the full who they are click here.


“We are Jason and Brit Prather (pronounced pray-thur).  We are married makers who live in a small Ohio town, designing and building our ideas at our home workshop.  Our products are minimal and simple; a reflection of our lifestyle. “

“What we do comes natural, an innate desire to create since either of us can remember.  Our business started in 2015, when we got married. pratherteam grew through outdoor markets, our Etsy and local clients.  We’ve created a core product line, all original signature designs, including our Record Storage Collection and our Home + Living Collection.  We work together as a team and are responsible for: photography, marketing & materials, graphics, managing orders, website & Etsy management, production, design and custom orders.  In addition to ourselves, we have help packing your order. Our small town ethics of honesty, hard work, humility and craftsmanship are elements we hope to convey to our customers. “

Their desire to create and support local is something we also are passionate about.


Why did they choose the vinyl route?


“In 2015 one of our favorite local retailers asked us to create a solution for resale vinyl in her store.  Jason grabbed some records from our collection and came up with a design to replace her 7UP crates. Brit suggested pipe and the plans came together for what is now our triple size Signature Series Design.  With the encouragement from friends about this initial record rack, we decided to develop different sizes and our record storage line slowly became the focus of our business. Three years later we have 4 different styles and 9 different sizes. “

We were fortunate enough to get their single size record ledge and their album stand. Both products were extremely well built and look great. The packing it came in was personal and their simplicity really was appealing to us.

The single size record ledge is a floating record shelf or ledge. It can hold a single 12’’ LP as well as a double LP. It comes with two key holes in the back as well as the proper hardware to mount it. They make it very easy to mount. Something I think is really awesome and unique is each order is made to order. Once you order it they will make it just for you AND will be shipped usually within 3-7 days. All of their wood comes from local business as well. The ledge comes in Cherry, Maple, Oak and Walnut. (Full Product Details)

The album stand comes in multiple colors. Walnut, Maple, White Wash on Maple and Cherry. The finish all of their stands in Danish Oil and polyurethane. The rods are removable and easy to set up. I was worried that they wouldn’t be sturdy or hold up, but that is not the case. Easy insertable and extremely sturdy. You can choose either brass or galvanized.  Very impressed! (Full product details)

They also have several other options for record storage as well as a home and living section. You can check out what they offer to offer in their shop. (Record Storage) (Home and Living)

If you are looking to get storage or stands we highly recommend checking out Prathermade. A great family with great morals and great products that are hand-made just for you.

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