Product Review

Product Review – Trash Panda Records

Product Review – Trash Panda Records

We recently had the privilege of receiving a great couple of products from Trash Panda Records. We received a clock with our bearded faces on it as well as a great framed piece of art, again with our bearded faces. We were also lucky enough to have an interview with them. The owner is such a down to earth and genuine guy. He is exactly the person you would want to do business with. We had such a great interview! Here is our interview as well as some pictures of the products we received.

Here is the artwork we received. It looks amazing on the wall with our other artwork! Get yourself one today!
I would highly recommend adding a custom clock to your listening room.

Here is our interview!

First off can you tell us
a little about yourself?

“-Well I’m a Gemini, love
a nice stroll with a bottle of Evan Williams (even though I’m so broke I’ve been on a Takka Vodka kick) on a beautiful elegant mountainside. My favorite food is bread. I’m from where Collective Soul is from, but currently reside on the outskirts of Atlanta,

Why do you do what you do?

“-Well I used to play a lot
of music. Bands, gigs, and all that jazz. Since my divorce 2 years ago I have moved four times and haven’t had the most steady income. A few months ago I sold all my music equipment to pay bills. I needed a new hobby. Also something to “meditate” or keep me
from drinking. I have some what of a condition (I think it is called alcoholism?) and music wasn’t the most healthy contributor. I saw people doing these record clocks and figured well…hell. Lets try something new? I’ve always dabbled in some type of art.
Either it was drawing growing up, music, or taking numerous plushies dismembering them and creating new life (Kind of like what I’m doing with these records).”

Who are your biggest influences?

“-Wow I haven’t thought about this in the longest time. Recently I believe I feed off
the random people I meet. Like that rando at the bar that I had the most obscure conversation with. Or a friend that I haven’t seen in years and we reminisce the humor aspect on the comic tragedies we endured haha. But growing up? Music was most def a big
part of my up bringing. Most first cassette was Billy Ray Cyrus’ single “Don’t Tear My Heart” and Micheal Jackson’s “Dangerous”. But some of the bands that I’ve listened to for the longest time and still follow (or listen) till this day are bands like He Is
Legend, Nirvana, Circa Survive, Mars Volta, Minus the Bear, Further Seems Forever, Apple Seed Cast, Third Eye Blind (shoot almost anything 90’s), Coheed, and most of all Thrice. That band grew
with the stages of my life. They started off pop/thrashy/punk and then experimented and now are a weird garage indie band. I would have to say Thrice and the front man Dustin were a huge influence on my music and persona. I can’t believe I haven’t done a Thrice
piece yet?”

What’s your favorite piece
of artwork you have done and why?

“-Prob the “Silence” piece.
I did a clock of Pulp Fiction with the silhouette of Uma and John doing the twist at Jack Rabbit Slims. I use the cut outs (if I don’t screw them up) and then use them for framed “art” pieces. Its the vinyl record cut outs of them dancing with the word “silence”
in the background. Also in the background is a milk shake and burger made with different pictures, textures, and card stock. Oh by the way, “Silence” is still for sale.”

How do you get the used
or broken vinyl? If people want to donate them to you how can they?

“-Good Will is my best friend. I go there for a few hours and just find random things
I can make art with. And also sometimes I find some great vinyl. I remember when I first started doing these I bought like 15 vinyls and was showing my girlfriend. Natalie is a huge music buff. She would sit in her parents basement growing up with her dads
vinyl collection and just listen and learn about music. So I was showing her these records and she’s like “wait your going to ruin that record?”

“What do you mean?”

“That the Grass Roots? You know??@!” And she would start singing the sooner or later
love is gonna get you…….This happened quite a few times haha. But yeah I do Good Will for a lot of stuff and order clock parts online. After I started with the clocks I had the cut outs and thought why not use them for art? So I got a bunch of picture
frames from Good Will, then go get magazines, books, coupon papers, and card stock usually on clearance from Hobby Lobby.

And donations? Yes! I will gladly take them! You can email me
or follow hit me up on IG, or FB which are below.”

Do you collect vinyl aside
from the broken unplayable stuff?

“-I have a small collection (50 or so?)  I used to have so much more but in the mist of almost selling everything I own to pay bills they were also a casualty.  But yeah me and the lady like to put on a few records from time to time.”

If you could only spin one
record for the rest of your life what album would it be and why?

“-Alchemy Index by Thrice.
Alchemy Index by Thrice. Alchemy Index by Thrice. If you say something 3 times its funny. If you say something 3 times it’s funny. If you….haha


I’ve followed this band
over 10 years and they grew with me. This record is actually four E.P.s combined. Earth, Air, Water, and Fire. Each element is a different sound of music. Fire is more of there aggressive heavier side. Water is ambient and mellow. Air is spacey and fluent.
And my favorite Earth is raw and folky. Plus the lyrical content lays so many hidden undertones that are brilliant. For example from air are songs like “Broken Lungs” which is about 9/11 and


“Daedalus” which is the story of Icarus.  From Earth is the cover of Frodus’ “The Earth isn’t Humming” or “Moving Mountains” which is based on the Bible’s scripture Corinthians 13.  I’m a nerd when it comes to the context of things I guess.

But if I could find a Best of the 90’s 100 vinyl type thing that would be even better ha.”

Do you have any upcoming
events that you would like to plug?

“-As of now I just make art
in our 500 sq ft apartment. I’m slowly trying to do local festivals and such but right now just local and internet. I’m still new to this whole ordeal.”

Where can we buy your artwork?

“-Mainly FB and IG. On facebook
you can like my page @Trash Panda Records or

On Instagram I’m TrashPandaRecords

And Etsy?  You guessed it TrashPandaRecords.

And thanks guys it was a fun piece and appreciate that yall like.  Cheers!

Christopher Adams




Again thank you Christopher and the TrashPandaRecords company for taking the time in doing the interview and sending us a couple of great additions to our work space!

If you are interested in doing an interview and or sending us vinyl related art or products contact us via the website or



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