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Lucky Diamond Complete Vinyl Record Care System


Lucky Diamond is a vinyl cleaning system that is about as simple and effective as they come.  

They aim to Clean, Protect, And Correct with their all-in-one innovation. It brings vinyl maintenance to the 21st century with its ability to clean, protect, and correct skips not caused by severe record damage.

We recently got to try some out and were very excited and impressed with the results.


Lucky Diamond is a liquid record cleaner that is sprayed onto the record, wiped away with a clean microfiber cloth, and rinsed easily with water.  That’s all there is to it. Lucky Diamond removes/repels dust and debris, neutralizes static electricity, and coats the record surface which reduces surface friction and groove erosion.  This coating extends the life of your records and stylus, corrects some skips and reduces the potential for further scratching.

It was so easy to use and so effective that we really couldn’t believe what we were seeing, or hearing.  We dug out the dirtiest, nastiest old dollar bin finds we had to see what this stuff would do. While we knew it wasn’t going to erase deep scratches or even some smaller scratches, it still was able to work its way into the grooves and grab a hold of the dirt and grime before being wiped and rinsed away.  The sound improvement was immediately noticeable, and visually the records were brought back to life, looking clean and more like new records than something that should probably be taken to the dump. We really can’t say enough about how awesome this product is. Easy to use and highly effective, if you want to clean up your records fast, and restore their shine and their fidelity we would highly recommend Lucky Diamond.  Check out their website for videos on cleaning methods and testimonials as well as a very thorough FAQ that answers several record cleaning questions.




Check this stuff out!

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