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Product Review – Vinyl Vac


Another very cool, vinyl record cleaning product that we recently tested was the Vinyl Vac.  The Vinyl Vac is an extremely affordable solution for deep-cleaning your record collection.  Using a combination of both liquid cleaner and their specially designed wet/dry vac attachment your records will shine and sound better than they have in years.

To clean your records with the Vinyl Vac, first clean the surface with the vinyl cleaner of your choice.  We tested a couple, including Vinyl Vac’s Concentrate Cleaner which can be purchased in a 2oz. concentrate that makes 1 gallon of cleaning solution.  After washing the record, promptly rinse off the excess cleaner and prepare your Vinyl Vac.  The Vinyl Vac gets attached to the nozzle of your wet/dry vac and will anchor to the spindle on your turntable.  With the wet/dry vac running, the record can be spun slowly while the Vinyl Vac works its magic, extracting dust and dirt from the grooves.  

The Vinyl Vac website offers a lot of helpful information on the use of their products and also provides a guide on creating your own home record cleaning system for under $100!  A short video shows you exactly how to construct the system and they provide links to purchase everything you need to complete the project.  

There are cleaning systems out there that cost hundreds of dollars, some even in the thousands.  From our research it seems that most of these systems don’t do anything different from what you will be able to accomplish with the Vinyl Vac.  While these expensive options may be more simple to use, the hands-on method of using the Vinyl Vac allows more freedom and adjustability.  For the price of the Vinyl Vac (and even with accessories such as the Concentrate Cleaner, and possibly a wet/dry vac if you don’t already have one) you are still going to be spending far less than most other comparable systems.

If you are a serious collector and want to clean up your old records the Vinyl Vac is a great, affordable option for deep cleaning your record surfaces and grooves.  Vinyl Vac also comes in a smaller version for cleaning your old 45s!

Check out their website here:

Purchase Vinyl Vac here 

Purchase Vinyl Vac Concentrate Cleaner here

Purchase Vac45 here


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