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The urban manufacturer Wax Rax specializes in crafting beautiful, premium carts, consoles, pedestals and tower shelving units designed to display, catalog and store vinyl record collections of all sizes.  We were recently lucky enough to receive a couple of cool items from the guys at Wax Rax and are excited to tell you about them.

The Now Playing Album Cover Stand from Wax Rax is a light-weight, stylishly-crafted way to display your record sleeves while the vinyl takes a spin on your turntable.  The stands come in a variety of woods and are made with both metal and wood.  The groove is wide enough to support a 3LP record and the support is high enough that there is almost no strain on the sleeve. At $49.95, the stand may be a bit pricey for the novice collector, but for avid wax slingers, with an eye for quality craftsmanship, this is the stand for you.  Stands are available in Maple, Mahogany, Cherry and Walnut. (





We also got to try out the Wax Rax 45A, 45 rpm record adapter.  This 35 gram, solid aluminum adapter is the perfect weight and size for all of your 45s. Your 45s will not only fit the adapter perfectly, but they will not lift the adapter off when picking up the record. So you can throw away the plastic adapter that came with your turntable and order one of these beautiful, CNC-milled, weighted adapters which currently come in 7 different anodized colors. ($20 @



Wax Rax is a great company out of NYC that we recommend checking out. You can check them out at their website here! Thanks to founder David Stanavich and your staff for the opportunity to try and review your products. Check them out on Instagram.

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